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Relationship Counseling and Sex Therapy

Since 2002, I’ve helped my clients with their individual, family and relationship goals. I work with long term couples, new couples, families in conflict, conscious uncoupling, divorce, and couples who have been together for decades. I work with individuals as well with personal struggles in relationships. I am a licensed therapist and a certified sex therapist, and hold a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision, which allows me to teach graduate level counseling in addition to my practice. I teach, supervise and provide counseling services for all relationship stages. Relationships have many ups and downs, and I can help you gain tools that you can apply across many situations for a more fulfilling relationship. It starts with you! Email me today.

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Relationships are complicated. If you need help to achieve your goals in your relationship, I use specific methods and evidenced based techniques to improve your communication skills through counseling. My methods apply to all relationships, including challenging family relationships, in any life stage you are in. I will take time to get to know your unique world and needs and help you achieve the relationship you are looking to create together. As a sex therapist, I am also here to work through your intimacy concerns and needs individually or with your partner.


Discover how to manage conflict, be understood and heard by your partner. Diffuse arguments sooner and learn co-regulation.

Conflict is inevitable in relationships, both personal and professional. Learn how to manage conflict, have challenging discussions, skillfully. Learn to understand and be heard.


Connection is the key in every relationship.

Life gets busy. If we don't prioritize our relationship, it is easy to feel a loss of connection. Avoid feeling like a roommate with your partner, and discover how long term relationships can sustain connection, physical intimacy, and strong communication.


Guidance & Inspiration

Humans are complex sexual beings. Sexual connection, sexual privacy, and awakening desire are all frequent requests in counseling. Our sessions are a safe place to express yourself and learn how to share your desires with your partner. If you experience disappointment  or unmet sexual needs, counseling with a trained professional specifically in sexuality issues can help uncover what is beneath these  challenging experiences. I work with all sexualities, sexual expressions, both open and traditional relationships.


Embracing a New Stage

Relationships go through many stages. In relationship therapy, you will learn skills to communicate and connect in a much more fulfilling way.

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"Sex is always about emotions. Good sex is about free emotions; bad sex is about blocked emotions.”

Deepak Chopra

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